2023-07-06: Save the date: Symposium on April 4, 2024

On April 4, 2024, the symposium  

’Jungfraujoch and beyond: High Altitude Physiology and Medicine’ 

will take place at the University of Bern. 

The Symposium is organized by HFSJG and the organizing committee includes 

Prof. Markus Leuenberger, Universität Bern, Director HFSJG  

Prof. em. Urs Baltensperger, PSI/ETHZ, President Jungfraujoch Commission 

Prof. Dr. med. Stefano Rimoldi, Universität/Insel Spital Bern, Member of the Jungfraujoch Commission 

Prof. Dr. med. Claudio Sartori, Universität Lausanne/CHUV  

Prof. em. Heinz Gäggeler, Universität Bern/PSI, Corresponding member HFSJG 

Prof. em. Dr. med. Peter Bärtsch, Medizinische Universitätsklinik Heidelberg 

Prof. em. Silvio Decurtins, Universität Bern, President HFSJG  

Please save the date in your agenda. 

More details and the program will follow later this year.