High Altitude Research Stations Jungfraujoch and Gornergrat HFSJG

Meteo Data from Weather Station Jungfrau Ostgrat

The meteo station Jungfrau Ostgrat is located on the East end ridge of the ancient Swisscom station.
Geographic latitude/longitude: 46.54543° / 7.97152°, station height: 3706 m a.s.l.

The meteo station on the Jungfrau Ostgrat is in operation since 10 September 2020 at the same place.

The WSWD 2D sonic anemometer is a precision wind speed and wind direction sensor without any moving parts from MESA.
The relative air humidity and temperature is measured with a HC2A by rotronic.

The specified time corresponds to the beginning of the 10-minute value in UTC.

The measured values "temp", "hum", "press", "wind_direction", "wind_speed" are 10-minute values averaged from 10-second values.
"temp_min", "temp_max", "hum_min", "hum_max", "press_min", "press_max", "wind_speed_min", "wind_speed_max" are the minimum and maximum values determined from 10-second values during the corresponding 10-minute interval.

Especially with the wind measurements there are larger interruptions. These occur when the temperature is significantly below 0 °C and the relative humidity is 100%. The reason for this is obviously that the heating built into the WSWD SONIC anemometer has not sufficient power.
The temperature measurements at the weather station Jungfrau Ostgrat are namely influenced in the morning by the warming of the eastern facade of the building on the Jungfrau Ostgrat by the solar radiation.