High Altitude Research Stations Jungfraujoch and Gornergrat HFSJG
Research project:  
Project name:Flux of biological ice nucleators to cloud altitudes (using Rn-222 as a tracer for atmospheric transport and mixing)
Title:Biological ice nucleators at tropospheric cloud height
Name of research institute or organization:  Institute for Environmental Geosciences, University of Basel
Project leader:Dr. Franz Conen
Project team:Emiliano Stopelli, Lukas Zimmermann, Corinne Baudinot

Activity report:   Biological ice nucleators at tropospheric cloud height
Key words:   ice nucleation, biological, snow, PM10
Internet databases:  
Address/contact:   \n
Address:Department of Environmental Sciences
 University of Basel
 Bernoullistrasse 30
 4056 Basel
Contact person:   Franz Conen
Tel.:+41 61 267 0481
Fax.:+41 61 267 0479


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