High Altitude Research Stations Jungfraujoch and Gornergrat HFSJG
Research project:  
Project name:The microstructure of ice crystals and cloud droplets in mixed-phase clouds measured with HOLIMO II. The microstructure of crystals clouds The time series of ice nuclei number concentration and properties measured with PINC.
Title:Aerosols acting as ice nucleating particles in the boundary layer and free troposphere
Name of research institute or organization:  ETH Zürich, Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science
Project leader:Dr. Zamin Kanji
Project team:Cyril Brunner

Address:ETH Zürich
 Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science
 Universitätsstrasse 16, CHN O16.3
 CH-8092 Zürich
Contact person:   Zamin Kanji
Tel.:+41 44 633 61 61


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