Partnership with Space Eye

The Uecht Observatory Foundation is realizing on Uecht in the Gantrisch Park near Bern the Space Eye observatory and research centre for astronomy, space science and global sustainability.

The Space Eye is a national project with great and timeless international impact. It supports research and communicates knowledge in the fields of astronomy, space science and global sustainability in a variety of ways. These include scenography in the main building with state-of-the-art observing infrastructure, planetarium, scenography stations and workshop rooms, an analogue museum about astronomy in the former Schaerer Observatory, the construction of a Space Eye outdoor educational trail on the Uecht and the provision of a Uecht electric bus for visitor transport with media facilities.

The Foundation HFSJG has signed a partnership agreement with the Uecht Observatory Foundation for the regulation of a possible cooperation and the use of synergies. This is intended to link and promote research and knowledge transfer at national level.

You can find out more about Space Eye here: