Republic of Korea is a new member of the Foundation HFSJG

Since 2024, the Republic of Korea is a new member of the International Foundation HFSJG. The President of the Foundation, Prof. Silvio Decurtins, and the Director, Prof. Markus Leuenberger, welcomed the official delegates of the Republic of Korea, Prof. Do-Kyeong Ko, Director of the Advanced Photonics Research Institute (apri), Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST), and Dr. Woojin Shin, GIST apri, during a small ceremony at the residency of the Korean Ambassador in Bern, Mr. Chang-rok Keum.

Picture: © GIST apri (from left to right: Woojin Shin, Markus Leuenberger, Do-Kyeong Ko, Chang-rok Keum, Walter Inäbnit, honorary senator University of Bern, Silvio Decurtins)

A visit at the research station Jungfraujoch followed the next day. GIST apri was already added as a member on the entrance doors to the research station and the Sphinx-observatory.

Picture: HFSJG (Silvio Decurtins, Markus Leuenberger, Do-Kyeong Ko, Woojin Shin at the entrace to the research station)
Picture: HFSJG (the Korean Ambassador, Chang-rok Keum, and the delegate of GIST apri, Do-Kyeong Ko at the entrance to the Sphinx-laboratories)
Picture: GIST apri (group-picture on the Sphinx-terrace)