Fireballs above the Jungfraujoch

In August 2022, an ALLSKy7 meteor camera was installed at the Sphinx-observatory on the Jungfraujoch. This camera observes the night sky fully automatically and is used to record meteors. The camera is part of the European fireball network and has the station number AMS201 (https://www.allsky7.net/). On February 1, 2024 at 7:24 UTC, the camera observed a very bright fireball in southward direction of the observatory. The meteor clearly shows that the meteoroid had already broken apart before entering the atmosphere.

Three days later, on 02/04/22:21:01 UTC, an even brighter fireball was observed in westward direction above the Jungfrau. The meteor shows several variations in brightness along its trajectory. Such fluctuations in brightness occur when the meteoroid fragments, or breaks apart, due to the friction in the atmosphere. The two meteors are among the largest fireballs recorded to date with the meteor camera at the Sphinx-observatory. Pictures: © Gunter Stober, IAP/University Bern