New air inlet system for the Sphinx labs

Under the leadership of Empa, a new, heated air inlet system was designed for Jungfraujoch. This system shall minimise the contaminations, which arise due to the tourists and the touristic infrastructures.
The bundle of tubing is about 80 meters long and consists of 9 individual dedicated gas lines. It was installed and fixed on the rock in direction of the Mönch. The tubing is heated, so that the gas flow is guaranteed.
The bunch of trunks was manufactured by the Hillesheim GmbH in Waghäusel, Germany – to specifications of the Empa and HFSJG. The Mauderli AG Kunststoffwerk in Schachen, Switzerland provided the enveloping corrugated tube, which was pulled over the bunch of trunks in Grindelwald Grund. The rolled tube was flown to Jungfraujoch by helicopter and then installed by workers of the Rock Tec AG in Schattenhalb, Switzerland with the help of the Empa. HFSJG thanks the involved companies, the Jungfrau Railways as well as the Empa for the assistance.